Cuteshitkids, is an artduo consisting of Max James Næss og Ida Mollan.

Cuteshitkids represent the creativity in a childlike state. In the unaffected new brain is where the purest form of creativity exists. It is also an indication for other young artists not to take their art too seriously, but to retain the childish and free thinking. Around all this, we try to create a universe, where we can bring the viewer in.


Cuteshitkids differ when it comes to artforms. They create everything from large acrylic paintings, lenticular 3D images, carpets, 3D cut-out installations, dolls, sculptures to neon artwork. "For us, it is the idea that is at the center, and we believe the execution should be picked based on what suits the idea best. Not based on what we're safest or best at."



Much of cuteshitkids' art is based on two characters, Benjamin Breaux and Banny. "It is important for us to tell our story through our art. We try to go deep into our own mentality to portray feelings and themes that are difficult to express with words. If people can feel it, that's a plus." The characters are usually inserted into surreal settings that most often describe a certain mood or feeling. Much of these works are based on our own experiences, feelings, thoughts or dreams.