Bergen Døds

Bergen Døds is an annual Deathdiving Competition/Show. We designed theire logo, made a 6 meter long poster and check designs for first and second place

Bergen døds got in touch and was looking for a new logo for there brand. They wanted it to be possible to use on both social media and on a 6-metre long poster that would hang under 10 metres at events.

We got quite a lot of freedom around the design. When we locked in an idea, we worked closely with organizer and participant Kim Andre Knutsen, to shape the design and capture the essence of deathdiving. It was supposed to be energetic and something that matched the atmosphere and blue water of course.

So, the background consists of patterns to illustrate current in water for a lively effect. The motive is made up of two cuteshitkids inspired figures, in familiar anime style, who will mimic two of the most famous deathdivers and organizers of the event, Kim Andre Knusten(MiniKim) and Arne Haugland. In the layer above the characters there are electric ripples that make the image really pop and that the subject comes alive.



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