Telegrafen is one of Norway's largest nightclubs, with several bars and restaurants. At their 80s bar "Fax Bar", we made a 2meter tall lenticular artpiece and designed their big showcase windows out to the street.

We were contacted by Telegrafen in December 2020. Not long after, a meeting was set up with information about the building, budget, color codes, brainstorming and reviewing the premises. It was important for them to bring out the history of the building. In addition it should be with a 80s theme so we worked accordingly.

The largest window was filled up with pink balls that stood in style whit the otherwise pink room. Out of this ball bin we made a gentleman's hand stretching upward with a suit sleeve that we made of plaster. Above the hand hangs pink LED lights so it can be seen extra well from the outside and popping. Over the hand hangs piles of old telephones of different lengths and, of course, again, in pink. From a distance, this creates an image of a man in a suit stretching up and trying to get hold of one of the phones.

On the smaller window we made a large pink fax machine, as the bar is called "Fax Bar". This fax is made of wood and about one meter wide. Out of this fax there are loads of sheets of various poems written by hand and made by us. They create the illusion that the fax has run amok and sheets swirl around. The sheets are hung with transparent treads and calculatedly placed.

A side from the windows we made a lenticular artpiece. It has a nice tread with the showcase windows where there is the same gentleman with a suit sleeve that lifts a pink phone similar to those in the window. When he lifts the phone, there is a speech bubble with an norwegian 80s phrase "Skjera bagera", which the Telegraph choose. In the background there are different 80s geometry and colors that create a 3D effect.
The work is 120cm wide and 2 metres high with light, it switches between two images and has a 3D effect

In February 2021 we came to set everything up and finished.


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